Our Story


The first year is tough on dads, we know, so we pack each box with items that not only come in handy for us but are made by some amazing companies that we can’t wait to introduce to you.

When we had our second child in 2015 and with her we noticed many of our friends becoming first-time parents. Moms and newborns deserve all the support in the world, but we noticed dads had very little care during the first year of their children's life.

As a dad, it was tough to see all my dads struggle when all they needed was a little support.

Something that let them know they weren’t alone.

We began packing up old Amazon boxes with anything and everything we thought would help.

After about four to six months of sending care packages to new dads, we noticed something amazing.

All of our dads were being better....dads.

We felt we were on to something, so we started to meet with some local dads every month with the purpose of starting a monthly care package for new dads which would include products, services, and anything else that helped us during our first year of being a new dad.


Papa Bear Box was born out of a need for new dad support. We want family members and friends to be able to show new dads that they are not alone in the woods.